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At YMCA, we believe in the power of inspired young people. We also believe in the power of social enterprise to play a key role in tackling social issues in innovative and sustainable ways. We have lots of experience in the area – both through running our own successful social enterprise, ReBuild, and delivering social enterprise education initiatives across Victoria. This includes behind the scenes tours of some of Victoria’s most inspiring enterprises, workshops for both students and educators, our accelerator program Youth for Causes, enterprise camps and YMCA’s co-working space at Ikon Park, Carlton. We are also currently working with a team of educators to map our social enterprise program to the Australian and Victorian school curriculums.

Our social enterprise initiatives support young people to:
• Explore their personal values, passions and sense of social purpose
• Develop transferable enterprise skills such as team work, financial literacy, digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity
• Build their networks and practical experience to enhance their opportunities as job seekers and job creators
• Contribute to causes they care about in creative, meaningful and impactful ways
• Develop technical skills such as business planning

To find out more about the growing importance of enterprise skills and the changing nature of work, check out the Foundation of Young Australian’s research The New Work Order.

And while our programs are powerful, they’re even more powerful when we collaborate – which is why we work closely with schools, councils, community organisations and social enterprises to co-create workshops and opportunities that meet your objectives, time frames and resources.


Find out more about YMCA Victoria here.


A ‘social enterprise’ uses the power of business to tackle social problems and improve people’s lives or the environment.

It’s basically a business with purpose at heart.

Social Entrepreneurism 

A ‘social entrepreneur’ is a practical visionary – someone who recognises the social and community problems we face, but also sees the possibilities for creating happier, healthier, and more connected communities.

They are willing to roll up their sleeves and be part of forging innovative, ethical and sustainable solutions where everyone benefits. Social entrepreneurism is both a state of mind and a way of engaging with the world.

A ‘social enterprise’ uses the power of business to tackle social problems and improve people’s lives or the environment. It’s basically a business with purpose at heart. Have you heard of The Big Issue, Thankyou Group, Who Gives a Crap or TOMs Shoes? They’re all social enterprises.

Check out some of YMCA Victoria’s social enterprises here.

These days, it’s estimated that today’s youth will have 17 different jobs in 5 different industries. They need transferable skills to navigate this landscape and turn it into an exciting one filled with opportunities.

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