Rebuild is a social enterprise facilities maintenance service

YMCA ReBuild is a social enterprise facilities maintenance service that provides quality services at a competitive rate with one distinct difference – we employ disadvantaged youth. Now in its eighth year, ReBuild supports young people who have been involved in (or who are at risk of being involved in) the criminal justice system and offers them 6 – 12 months of employment. These individuals have been identified, referred and selected on the basis of their motivation and commitment to turn their lives around. In order to help them achieve this, every young person involved in ReBuild is given support, training and mentoring in order to help them learn important trade, commercial and life-skills.

ReBuild has a high supervision model that supports the young person whilst also eliminating security or quality concerns that customers might have. Depending on the job type there might be one supervisor to one young person or one supervisor to three young people.

The ReBuild model sees each young person employed for period of 6 – 12 months before they are transitioned into ongoing employment through ReBuild’s parent program the YMCA Bridge Project or another suitable organisation.

Find out more about ReBuild here. 


ReBuild creates a positive experience for young people looking for a second chance. To date it has helped transform 125 lives.

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