immerse your students into the world of social enterprise 

3 Social Enterprises | 3 Social Causes | 3 Founder Stories | 3 Innovative Business Ideas

Everyone can make a difference if they are passionate enough. Join us on a social enterprise tour for an exciting and engaging way to introduce and expose your students to social businesses.

Whether your students are studying Business, Humanities or VCAL, this tour will inspire your students and encourage them to apply a critical lens to the role of business in the commnuity.

Discover, meet and experience some of Melbourne’s most exciting social enterprises.

A ‘social enterprise’ uses the power of business to tackle social problems and improve people’s lives or the environment.

It’s basically a business with purpose at heart.


Length 3.5 hours | Ages 13-18 | Tour through Fitzroy and Collingwood | 

Runs Tuesday and Thursday | Cost $50 per person including lunch at a social enterprise

The social enterprise walking tour is an innovative community-based excursion that explores the potential for different social purposes, compares business models and draws a critical lens on social impact to communities. Through the diversity of multiple social enterprise students are exposed to a range of enterprising and personal skills.

inspire an act local think global menality
Be inspired by the variety and diversity of social enterprises we visit
Compare multiple business models
Increase participation through an immersive learning experience
Develop students enterprise skills
Relate to the young social entrepreneurs and their journey
Increase students community awareness
Inspire community participation
Apply a critical lens to the social impact generated
Build social responsibility awareness
“Very inspired with all the Social Enterprises we visited today. To learn about the whole story, about failures and success, the journey, for young people to realise these things can happen if they have commitment, passion and endurance, and questioning their why. It might be that big idea that comes from this group of kids through this experience.”  Brian Crook

Trinity College Colac


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