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What is Youth for Causes?

Youth for Causes is a catalyst to ignite social entrepreneurship amongst Educators and Year 10 students across Victoria.

We unleash Educators capacity to drive social change and entrepreneurial mindsets in their school or community through professional learning opportunities, curriculum aligned resources and our 6 month Youth for Causes student accelerator program. 


Program Overview

From April to October 2019, participating teams will:

✔ Learn about Melbourne’s vibrant social enterprise community;

✔ Participate in social enterprise start up modules where participants will develop transferable enterprise skills

✔ Receive ongoing support from YMCAs social enterprise team;

✔ Receive ongoing support from a not-for-profit/ charity partner;

✔ Access support in crowdfunding to get their idea of the ground;

✔ Develop and refine a business pitch to communicate their ideas;

✔ Be part of a big Showcase event to acknowledge their achievements; and,

✔ Gain practical skills and invaluable experience to apply to both the task at hand and in all of their future entrepreneurial endeavours.

Fee for Service

Youth for Causes is a social enterprise run by YMCA Victoria. To ensure we can keep up the great work supporting young social entrepreneurs, an investment of $250 is associated with having 25 students participate in the program in 2019. This involves a licencing fee for the duration of the program.

If additional support is required, YMCA can offer co-facilitation and training at an extra cost.

Innovative Education

Equip your students with transferrable enterprise skills to help them navigate their future

Schools involved 



“When Ella, Courtney, Eve, Isabella, Mia and Sarah contacted me about their fundraising idea, I was blown away by their enthusiasm, maturity and desire to do something to help prevent youth homelessness.

The girls were genuinely interested in learning about the work we do at Kids Under Cover and Ella was very responsive whenever I made contact with her about the project, an absolute pleasure to work alongside.

It’s not surprising that their project was such a success, all six of the girls involved in producing and selling the Sheltered Lip Balms were more than capable, knowledgeable and possess the required get up and go to succeed. We were delighted to hear that they raised over $4,500 for our organisation and just as impressed with their determination and drive.  Well done to everyone involved in the Youth For Causes Program, this is truly a wonderful opportunity for both the students and their chosen charities.


Kids Under Cover

“The enthusiasm and energy of the students was so inspiring. To see and hear high school students believe in our work as passionately as we do is incredibly galvanising for us. As young people ourselves, we love working with other young people and sharing knowledge and experiences, and this program has created an ideal space in which to facilitate that exchange. YMCA has created an incredibly unique and important program – instilling confidence in the next generation that they have the skills, the resources and the wisdom to create meaningful change in their own communities”

“The level of commitment has been completely manageable. I have asked a member of my team, Ashley Wild, to be the liaison for the students and he is excited to have them in the office next week”.



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